Escape to a More Trustworthy Bank

Big banks have been in the news lately – and not for positive reasons.

After seeing these headlines, you may wonder whether you can be sure about your bank. Could it be time to escape to a more trustworthy option? Here are four questions to consider:

Are you worried you have accounts or services you didn’t ask for?
You shouldn’t have to worry about your bank creating unauthorized accounts or adding services without your knowledge.

Do you pay too much in fees?
You may not think that an occasional bank fee matters that much. But those small fees can (and do) add up over time. At an average bank in the upper Midwest, for example, you could pay $267 per year for three common types of fees. Let’s take a closer look.

ATM Fees: Most banks charge fees for using out-of-network ATMs. If this happens four times a month, you may be paying nearly $150 per year in fees for using those out-of-network machines – and that doesn’t include the additional fees your bank may assess (average fee of $3 at the machine, not to mention any out-of-network fees from your bank).

Check Fees: You may not write many paper checks any more, but you still need them for those occasional situations when electronic payments simply aren’t an option. At most banks, you can expect to pay at least $16 per box each time you reorder. Even if that’s only once a year now, it adds up over time.

Account Fees: Monthly account fees are common ($8 to $10 per month on average, for banks that require a minimum balance) when you fail to meet minimum requirements for your daily balance, deposits and/or debit card purchases. If you don’t meet the requirements several months per year, those account fees can be significant.

Does your bank have your best interests in mind?
Your banking relationships should always be beneficial to you, not the bank. If you’ve felt pushed into accounts, services or offers you don’t want or need, it may be time to switch. You should always feel comfortable with your bank’s business practices and culture.

Can you find a bank that’s better?
In most cases, the answer is a clear “yes.” helps you quickly compare checking accounts in our area. In two minutes or less, you can compare fees, features and other details important to you.

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