Should You Fire Your Bank?

Is your bank starting to annoy you?

Maybe the frustrations began with something simple: An ATM fee you didn’t expect. Waiting on hold forever to talk to an actual person. Apathetic customer service. Technology issues.

Those types of irritations add up over time – and when they do, it might actually be time to fire your bank. Here are five signs you should move on:

1. You’re tired of fees. Let’s start with three common areas that most of us care about: ATM fees, minimum balances, and check orders. At an average bank in the upper Midwest, you could pay $267 per year in fees related to just those three areas. Over five years, that equals $1,335 that you could certainly put to better use.

2. You keep experiencing “gotchas.” You shouldn’t be subjected to surprise fees, shifting policies and broken promises from your bank. If you feel your bank has a “gotcha” at every corner, maybe you should look elsewhere.

3. Their technology lags behind. Does it seem like your bank’s technology is stuck in the past? For example: If you can’t use your smartphone to deposit checks, quickly access your accounts, or perform other simple tasks, find a bank with newer technology.

4. You receive disappointing service. We’ve all experienced the endless loop of automated phone systems, impersonal service and “starting over” each time we have to explain our question or need. If this happens every time at your bank, you can do better.

5. It’s all about them, not you. If your bank doesn’t value your business, or you’re just another customer to them, you can do something about it.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to compare local banks in our area. helps you quickly and easily compare bank fees, minimum balances, check ordering and other features at your current bank and others in our region.

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